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Quantum Healing & Infertility

MysticMag has the pleasure of chatting with Carmen Martinez Jover. Carmen is a Quantum Healer and provides therapy in PSYCH-K, Past Life Regression and Fertility, and is also a Best-Selling Author. For 23 years, Carmen has been on the ‘human’ side of fertility. We find out more.

How would you define new-age conception and infertility?

We live in a world of stress which is not a natural environment for our bodies. When we are in flight or fight mode, our bodies do not respond properly, and even if our legs and arms seem to be functioning, our internal systems are not, and this includes our fertility system. It is so important to learn to go within and to the space within ourselves to heal. We often blame the outside environment or society, but ultimately it all comes down to within! When it comes to questioning fertility, these days women want children at a later stage in their lives so obviously their bodies are older. Questions arise around our lifestyle and whether or not we have had healthy habits..The medical industry has conditioned us into believing that our eggs are no longer viable once we reach the age of 40. So many women come to me at the age of 39 in desperation believing that their time is up…These are all limiting beliefs that can have such a negative impact on our minds and bodies. Furthermore, we can not compare a girl in her forties today with a lady in her forties twenty years ago. Society has changed, and with it the idea of infertility and adoption for example. Society views these topics differently and takes time to accept all these differences and changes that take shape over the years (ie. egg donation is still a little bit of a taboo but is happening more and more). I believe we have an intuition and an inner feeling, and I always recommend going with your heart. There are many treatments that one can undertake when combating infertility, but my firm belief is that one must go with your heart – trusting and taking action from the heart and to BELIEVE in this.

What can you tell us about your own struggles with infertility and how this influenced your life to help others?

I always wanted to be a mother. I wasn’t even particularly interested in studying – my whole life revolved around being a mum. I always ended up looking after my cousins and I was the one who would organize my friend’s children’s parties. I always thought I was going to be a wonderful mum. I then married at quite a young age but ten years later I had still not fallen pregnant. Here began the tests, the injections, and the negative results. What was then my biggest nightmare became my biggest blessing today. My awakening or my spiritual journey started here. The first thing I realized was that one can’t base their happiness on the future – happiness is based on the present. You can have a plan or an objective but happiness is the present moment. I started going within and with this surrendering to life, I realized that I had ultimately been limiting myself by basing my happiness on the future. This process of surrender opened up a world of infinite possibilities and I am now a mum (via adoption), a best-selling author, an International Speaker and a Healer….I never even thought I was capable of doing all of that. Having experienced the pain of not being able to conceive, the loss of the will to live and so much more, I am in a position to share my experiences with others and show them the short cuts. This is why I say my biggest nightmare became my biggest blessing. Storytelling helped me tell my daughter that she was adopted, and I have always been a great believer in storytelling. This led me to write books about all sorts of topics for children and parents, helping them too to share their experiences. I passionately love what I do.

What is Quantum Healing and how exactly do you help your clients?

Quantum healing is about intention and visualization and about going into the subconscious mind to reprogram what we want to change. It is a fascinating journey and I love to accompany people who are ready to do their own healing. The techniques that I use are adapted to each person. I work a lot with past life regression. I believe as a soul you are work on a particular issue in many lives. You don’t even have to believe in past lives but for it to work you can believe it is like a real dream or part of your DNA. The intention of past life regression is solely to help us advance in this current life. There are so many blockages that we are unaware of from our past lives, and even from our current life. I am fascinated by the mind and by body memories and I believe in reprogramming on a cellular level to shed these blockages which hinder us on such a deep level in our current lives. There are also transgenerational issues that come into play. I work on fertility from many different angles. One of the techniques that I am very fond of is PSYCH-K which works on limiting beliefs. I think that we are here to be happy and to learn to love ourselves. However, we are always so hard on ourselves and it is not as easy as it seems. Observing without judging is something we need to strive towards: What do I want to think? What do I want to create? This is taking control of our thoughts, and moving our path towards where we want to go.

If you could elaborate on two of your books – which would they be and why?

My first book is I Want to Have a Child, Whatever it takes, and is an auto-biography that through my paintings I share my life. When I was going through my infertility period, I used to paint chairs in all different types of scenarios. It turned out to be my biggest form of therapy. It is through these paintings that I am able to share my experience and life with others who are going through similar circumstances. I am able to give people a push to see that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and that happiness is a product of today. Recently I wrote a book called Donor DNA, Overcoming Fear. So many people are going for egg or sperm donation and have so much fear because of the cell, that is not theirs. I want people to understand the spiritual side to the cell, and how the cell is influenced by its environment – which is YOU. I like to desensibilize the fear about going for a donor and the real issue behind cells – that it is not the DNA but one’s thoughts and emotions that form that cell, and how you can channel this through your subconscious mind.

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