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PAST LIFE session 

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Past Life Regression therapy is a soft form of hypnotherapy that takes you back to prior life spans in search of nuggets of information that can help improve your present life. It allows you to access memories that are normally hidden from your subconscious mind.

Past life therapy can help you:

Visiting a past life can be exciting and enriching, but it is important to remember that the intention of visiting a past life is to find answers and heal your present life. Many will have read books or heard of Brian Weiss, who is a pioneer in past-life therapy. Michael Newton later pioneered the space of life between lives. I was fortunate to graduate with pioneer Andy Tomlinson, at "The Past Life Regression Academy" in England. Sometimes you meet someone for the first time you feel as if you already know him. Sometimes, you are in a city that you have never been before, but you recognize streets and buildings.


You might start a new activity and surprise everyone with your natural skills and intuitive knowledge about the subject. This is often described as deja vu, it is as if the experience or sensation has happened to us before. The fact is that regression therapy to past lives can be a great transformation process for anyone.


By allowing the mind to go its own way, most people who experience regression therapy to past lives will find a resolution, healing and perception in a way they had not experienced before and their lives change in a very positive way. Upon returning to a past life you receive valuable information about the past, present and future. The knowledge of how we lived before can help overcome current obstacles, understand and overcome phobias, fear, anger, depression, unexplained pain and habits and solve real problems in the present life.

Dive into your past to heal your present
by Carmen Martinez Jover  

The journey to transformation starts with a single page-turn.  The understanding of the past life heals in current life

Déjà Vu - Delft

by Carmen Martinez Jover  

Have you ever travelled to a place for the first time and had the feeling that you have been there before?




A session is a very gentle and peaceful mediation and discussion with me to help still your mind, understand your past lives and use their knowledge to overcome what is holding you back. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you have. 


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