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How you can change infertility beliefs using PSYCH-K

PSYCH-K is a profound and simple healing tool that can help women struggling with infertility change limiting beliefs about themselves that may be holding them back.

Below, I share my own journey of infertility and how when I finally found PSYCH-K everything shifted for me. At the end of the blog, I have also included an interview I did with Vishnupriya Aristo from Zero Point Healing about this topic so you can find out more information.

Painting by Carmen: The Three of Us

My Infertility Journey

I’ve been there and it hurts. This is where my inner journey started.

I have now been supporting infertility couples for 20 years and searching for ways to make this infertility journey easier. It has led me to write books, give individual sessions and give lectures around the world. In my search to make things easier, I found PSYCH-K.

All my life I just wanted to be a Mum, get married and have lots of kids. I had focused everything on this life plan. I had studied to be a teacher so in the future, I would have the same holidays as my kids… but it didn’t turn out that way.

Painting by Carmen: So Much Love

I was very young when I got married and at first, didn’t want any children but after 5 years stopped taking contraceptives and nothing happened for another 5 years. I now know I was in denial. Why would this be happening to me? I am a good person, it is just a matter of time.I had been married for 10 years when I went to see a specialist for the first time. Treatments started getting more complicated so from insemination, we went to invitros. I would be pregnant for a new month, felt so excited and then with negative beta results I entered a deep depression. I had become so obsessed with becoming a Mum that the losses made me lose my sense of living. During that phase, I painted my emotions as chairs and it was a therapy. Why chairs? I wanted more chairs on my dinner table. I wanted a family.

Painting by Carmen: Another Treatment

I remember when I was pregnant, I was so happy I would already be thinking of its name and how to decorate its room. I would create this fantasy around my short pregnancy. I was so happy and then the loss. So what dies is that illusion. You have been struggling so much that the loss is very painful. When you have been there you know how much it hurts.

Before I was very negative and stressed. I didn’t value what I had. I tried to be positive but it was difficult since I believed my ONLY happiness was with a baby. I would avoid family reunions and disliked Christmas or basically any events where there were children.

What was my worst nightmare became my biggest blessing. I could only see my happiness in a future with a baby and what I learned is you can’t base your future on something you don’t have now. You can set goals but must learn to be happy today. Value what you have now but above all enjoy the present moment. Now when I look back I feel grateful to my infertility journey for all the things I achieved because of it and how it made me into who I am today.

I realized how my paintings were helping others. I had covered all the roller coaster rides of emotions one goes on an infertility journey: jealousy, anger, why me? These experiences led me to write my autobiography: I want to have a child, whatever it takes. I was sharing my infertility journey through my painting and writing - my art.

Painting by Carmen: I Weep Inside

A turning point in my life was when I went to give a lecture in India. I wrote to the organizer of the Congress, the title included the words infertility and ART. So I thought only in India would they combine infertility and ART, so I wrote and asked to be invited. When I arrived in India I realized that ART wasn’t ART as in ARTist but Assisted Reproductive Therapy. The beauty to this “mistake” is if I had known the real meaning of ART I would have never gone. I started giving lectures worldwide on this human side to infertility and how it is important to hold the couple's hand and accompany them with their feelings and thoughts.

The desire to become a Mum is universal. Doesn’t matter your religion, your language and my book has taken me around the world giving lectures where through my art I help couples change their perspective to their life journey.

I then did children’s books. I believe every child has the right to understand how their family was formed. These stories are available in many languages and can be personalised as well. Stories for sharing egg donation, sperm donation, two dads, adoption and single mum by choice. Makes sharing so easy for the parents.

In Mexico I support AMI a Mexican support group and we formed a Latin American support group Red Trascender and I had the honor to have been chosen to represent the infertile woman of Latin America in WHO is Switzerland.

How I changed my infertility beliefs using PSYCH-K

I have studied different healing modalities, written books, done audio meditations and international lectures always finding the way to shorten the pain during the infertility journey. When I read Bruce Lipton’s book on The Biology of Belief. It was the first time I had PSYCH-K, so I searched and had a private session. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to change a limiting belief. PSYCH-K made things so simple for me that I knew that I had found what I was looking for to help others.

When you understand that you create your life from your thoughts and emotions. An inner journey starts and you start to realise what you are creating. Thoughts affect your environment. If you don’t like your environment, what are you thinking? What are you creating? Throughout our life we absorb so many beliefs from our parents and society and there are many that we don’t need and just cause blockages towards pregnancy. You start observing yourself and notice what is not flowing and you start this inner journey to empower yourself. When you understand you create your reality you realise what limiting beliefs you have. It is as if it is only you that ties yourself up and limits yourself to the life you want.

Painting By Carmen: Let Go

It is important to be calm, believe in yourself and your body. I have always said that one starts an intensive course to be the mother your child needs. You are not the same mom you would have been before.

My interview with Vishnupriya Aristo from Zero Point Healing about Fertility Therapy using PSYCH-K.

Questions? Feel free to contact me or visit my Fertility Therapy page for more information.

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