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Meet Carmen

Quantum Healer,

Best-selling Author,

and International Speaker

Carmen Martinez Jover.png

Hi! My name is Carmen and my life’s purpose is to help you release beliefs holding you back from living a better life and learn about the beauty of modern families. 


I’m the author of A tiny itsy bitsy gift of life, an egg donor story and have written 6 additional life-changing books on new-age conception and infertility.


I’m one of the first authors to create personalized books where you can insert the name of the child the book is going to so they can learn about their birth, modern conception and families - like IVF, adoption and same-sex parenting. 


As a Quantum Healer, I provide therapy in PSYCH-K, Past Life Regression and Fertility and have studied each of these fields intensely for the past decade. I also have studied Reiki and Theta healing.


I’m an International Speaker who has given lectures and hosted workshops around the world on infertility struggles and opportunities, visiting past-lives, and more. I have been honoured over the years to share my work in magazines, on the radio and on television in both English and Spanish. 


Throughout my own struggles with infertility, I got inspired to paint my emotions to release them and have hosted and been featured at numerous art exhibits around the globe. 


My life has been a journey of studying to heal my own self and sharing these therapies and real-life battles with the world. My books, Quantum Healing support and continued studies intersect and inform each of my services so that my clients can truly stop struggling and reclaim their lives. 


If you would like a copy of my full biography, feel to contact me.

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