Book & Lectures Testimonials

"First of all to congratulate you on your book... and for the beautiful paintings... I appreciate your words, from now onwards I believe knowing you has brought much strength to my life… and I am not exaggerating, I see things in a different way, before I complained about everything, or was very negative about everything, nowadays, I smile more, and in every situation in which I am, I remember something of your book, I make the comment about it, I see the positive side of everything, and several people have asked me what caused my change of attitude... reading you has done me much good, I appreciate again, I thank you for all the care you have for me, you are a woman full of light, your daughter is beautiful, and I know she is full of all this love, that no one else can give her, no one but you, better mother for your daughter, there is no one, just you... God bless you and your daughter.  A hug Carmen, and thank you for teaching me to smile again, you are a great woman, a source of inspiration.  My admiration and respect…"


"Hello!!  I am really impacted with what I have read about you; I’ve had the pleasure to read your book I Want to Have a Child, whatever it takes! since I am in a very similar situation... I just wanted to CONGRATULATE you for your great courage, honesty, but above all for your HUMILITY of projecting part of your life, your fears and your joys.  CONGRATULATIONS, it is nice to know that in this world there are people with a such WONDERFUL HUMAN QUALITY AS YOU... Be well!! and may God bless you and all your family always!"


"… I have just entered  IVI’s forum and  found a message from Carmen Martínez in person.  I’m frozen!  Oh my God, she helped me so much, and she didn’t even know it.  Two years ago in September 2007,  when I was undergoing an IVF  treatment of puncture and transfer, there was an article about her in the newspaper “La Verdad”, and it was so straight to the point, in those moments when you are so sensitive and so emotional on this theme, I read what she said, reading her personal story and when they adopted, and when they received their daughter, and what she told her husband, she transmitted her desire to become a mother, that I identified with her.  So I went to the transfer with  an extra dose of optimism, and that it could be, or not, but the important part was to want it and that if my treatment wasn’t positive there are other options.  I remember I even sent her an e-mail... and my treatment was positive, and the rest of my history is known by most of you.   I remember those chairs she painted, woooooow, reading the article about her made me get goose pimples, I have remembered so many things, but all my support and admiration, and if she reads this message, thank her for telling her story, that I met her at the perfect moment and I will never forget her.  Carmen thank you for be as you are."


"...Here I am... you know, I think these have been the most important days of my life… as you said in your book, I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason... meeting you has filled my life with blessings, my husband and I, I thank you for being an important part of this change in our lives, we are eternally grateful.  God bless you Carmen... Today I’m renewed, I could thank the Virgin for knowing you, my husband and I asked her for our son, that today, we know will be with us, we had long walks, those where we just take hands, without talking, just walking, thinking, imagining, but always with the peace of knowing we are together... Today I know, how much love exists in my life... today I know everything will be all right... Thank you very much Carmen... You have my eternal friendship."


"Hi Carmen...These lines have taken me two weeks to write since the presentation on Saturday 27th.  Your presentation made me go over my life; To live,; with no hatred, no jealousy, no cursing, etc, for everyone else but in particular towards me... Get away from the blame and auto-blame... Return to my relationship with God... Take care of my family and my husband.  Happy weekend... with Great Admiration,"


"Hello Carmen, congratulations on your interview in the news last Thursday.  It seemed as if it was me telling my experiences. Last night I went to buy your book, I found it very interesting from the very beginning, the fact that through your paintings you express your feelings and frustrations caused by infertility. Once I start reading the book, I couldn’t stop until I finished it.  It is definitely the same emotions that we live, stand and suffer those of us who live this difficulty to become pregnant.  I congratulate you above all for giving you the time of sharing so intimate experiences that can make so many people understand and to feel accompanied in this difficult path. Thank you very much and regards,"

Ana Irene

"Hello Carmen, although you do not know me I want to send you my immense gratitude, because through your book “I want to have a baby whatever the takes!, I had this wonderful experience by reading it and feeling all the love and intensity that your words and your paintings express. I realize that God every day shows me more his love through facing me close to situations and people that tells me how beautiful and marvelous this life... and believe me, your book was one of them, your paintings express so much and I they say so much just by looking at them, feeling them, crying with them, living them.  They are beautiful, they awoke my feelings that just someone who has lived the experience of not being a mother can understand.  Now my attitude and my desire to live is different.  From the deepest part of my heart thank you for existing, and for sharing so much love with me, God bless you always and may he be the motor that pushes you and give strength to your wings. Thank you very much."


"Hello Carmen, I read your book and I identify in many things with you. Your book helped me to understand that being a Mother is not only giving birth.  A few days ago I was very depressed. I just went through some studies, and as always, was just waiting and waiting.  I read your book and want you to know that it helped me so much.  Thank you Carmen, because without knowing it you helped me change my perspective towards a lot of things.  Receive my kindest regard, but above all, receive my admiration and all my gratitude."


"Hello Carmen,  My husband and I are writing to congratulate you for your participation at the event in Tijuana and to tell you that your lecture and painting really moved us a lot.   We are an infertile couple, and I felt very identified with your case, a year has past since our IVF, the treatment was negative and at that moment we felt very disappointed,  defeated and sad. As you mentioned I also felt alone because my husband didn’t react as I did, but I now understand that he needed to be strong and not fall, because he knew I was going to go deeper in my pain, and he gives me strength, but we left all treatment, we tried to forget about all this, but as you say that is totally false, you never forget, you try to get distracted with other things.  I now understand we have not overcome this, when we heard you at the event we felt we have to keep fighting and get support from God, WE’LL KEEP ON THE FIGHT, but now better informed.  Thanks a lot Carmen."


"Hello Carmen,  It is not until now that I write to you, more than a year has passed, but to thank you for your lectures,  and the two wonderful doctors that I met there.  With their professionalism and with the help of God, we achieve the dream of being parents of three beautiful baby girls.  That is why I want to thank you, in our name and in name of those couples that through your testimony have become Mothers.  I thank God for the gift he gave you to share and make many couples happy, either through infertility methods or adoption, both roads are marvelous."


Hello Maricarmen,  First I want to tell you that I love your book “I want to have a child, whatever it costs”. My husband and I read it one afternoon and we loved it.  I think that you succeed in transmitting in a very clear way the feeling and all the process that we infertile couple go through.  I appreciate your kindness, regards,"


"Hello Carmen, What a beautiful book! It is as if I was reading my own biography! A big kiss,"

"Carmen, thanks a lot for all your kindness... I read the book, and want to let you know that it was a marvelous experience, it arrived at the moment I needed it most, it seemed as if God put everything in such a way that the book got to me at the exact moment, you know as most of those that have read your book, identified with you in everything and it helped me understand a lot of my feelings, thank you for sharing  your story, and again thanks for everything."


"I’m Elena,  Just wanted to tell you that I loved meeting you, and listening to your lecture, your words touched my heart. I always thought that when people go through not very nice situations, we always learn new things that help us grow in life, that maybe if we haven’t gone through all of it, we would never learnt and we could have lost great opportunity. I feel very lucky and thank God the opportunity to have met such wonderful women that have taught me, through their experiences, that there are many beautiful things in this life and that we have to follow this path with a lot of strength.  I was fascinated by your book.  You know, my husband is not very expressive about his feeling in our situation, of course, he always hugs me and whistles a lot (besides coping with my sudden mood changes) but he always appears to be serene, and on Saturday I showed him the book, and he didn’t leave it until he finished it. At the end he was excited and moved, he hugged me a lot and were talking about the chapters were are making our own book of life, Carmen, thank you for your words and for sharing your story with us.  I send you a big hug,"


Hi Carmen,  Really thank you for everything you said to me, I think that I have never felt so comfortable to share something so special to me with anyone.  With you are are speaking the same language, you understand me."


Hello Carmen,  I’m writing you to congratulate you for your book “I want to have a child, whatever it takes!”, its beautiful.  I congratulate you because every word written in there is what one feels on this road we have to live, I felt reflected in each page... Thank you for your lessons of life... ¡Congratulations! With Love,"


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Lulu: I’m telling you that at last I asked Carmen for the book “I want to have a child, whatever it takes!”, and finally yesterday received it. I can’t describe the cluster of feelings, since I started reading it, it caught me, I felt so identified that I went through all the stages Carmen went through when she wrote the book, I started to read and formed a knot in my throat, I couldn’t stop reading while I was cleaning my tears as I was looking at my own feelings written in a book. When I saw the explanation of Carmen’s paintings, I understood it perfectly and I felt identify, I couldn’t drop the book until I finish reading it, and at the end I felt a lot of peace.  I just wanted to share with you, we always think that no one understands what we feel, but the truth is that this book is written word by word with my own feelings.

Clara: The same thing happened to me!!!I identified with her from the first moment, I cried and cried and cried while I was reading it, but once I opened it I didn’t stopped until I finished it!  I told all my family about the book and I made sure they all read it!! I want everybody to know how we feel, and no one better than Carmen to explain it.
Diana: Carmen is...

She is Carmen...

She is an extraordinary woman, I admire her and care for her! She is a great woman! and believe me the ones who haven’t read her book should, curiously I’ve been unpacking little by little and on Sunday I opened a box with books, and I found Carmen’s book, and I sat and read it (you read it quite quickly) but the message she gives is wow!! Well I read it again, I observed in detail every painting and I firmly say ,my admiration for Carmen!!


"Carmen!! Thanks a lot for this wonderful book that helps us get out our most intimate feelings."


"Hello Carmen, its as if you are describing what I felt in your book... I didn’t put it down until I finished it... and Carmen, what can I tell you? You are a wonderful human being... and I can show off that you dedicate my book in a very special way… I love you!"


"Dear Carmen, I want to congratulate you for the presentation of your book. I agree 100% with German Dehesa on your great fertility in the painting, now in the Literature and I think that above all, on your friends and family. When the presentation finished your father told me that you had to be very proud of all the people that attended because they wanted to be with you. I think you earned it!! A very big kiss and continue the successes."


Testimonials from Doctors & Professionals

“My very dear Carmen, Many many thanks for the lovely painting. I have no words capable of expressing my feelings. This is a wonderful painting and the most wonderful description of my life. You are great, you are a very special person and I wish you  all the very best. I do hope our paths will meet again, so that i will be able to thank you verbally… the picture is in our living room, so that I can see it all the time.
Lots of love, Bruno ”
Prof. Bruno Lunenfeld

I take this opportunity to express my most fulfilled thanks for your beautiful book, that to read and see your expressive multicolored paintings, it made me remember thirty-nine years of my professional practice devoted to the study and treatment of the infertile couple, it made me relive the abatars of my patients and their husbands, and I immersed with them in their dreams and hopes to be able to realize the time dream of parenthood... Your thoughts and your artistic expression, reveal a heart, a higher soul than amalgam in a spirit of love and nobility, managed to create in your tenacious struggle, the award of greatness and constancy of mood in the face of adversity. In the divine likeness, God adopted us as their children, not just to you as parents, but also your beautiful daughter Nicole... From the depths of my heart, I bow to your beautiful family, my respect and admiration for what they are and represent an example of love, human quality and spiritual excellence... May God continue crowning and hugging you with his endless blessings. Kind regards
Dr. Samuel Hernández Ayup

For years Grupo IVI has counted with Carmen's collaboration on many activities for our patients.  She has always outstood as very professional, humane and with a great capacity to empathize with infertility patients. She has given lectures in our clinics in Spain and Mexico obtaining successful attendances. Counting on Carmen for these infertility events for patients is of great value."  

Dr. Antonio Requena
Director Médico General Equipo IVI.

How is it going Carmen? My name is Raul I’m an embryologist from the Fertility Center del Prado in Baja California, I just read your book “I want to have a child, whatever it takes!” I finished it ten minutes ago, and the first thing I did when I finish was look for you in internet until I got to your page.  The truth is I want to thank you, you give us doctors a great teaching to understand a little more about our patients' feelings.  Normally at school they tech us how to treat fertility diseases, but never taught us how to treat our patients' feelings.  Maybe I don’t know how to say it with words because I’m not very good expressing myself but you created a knot in my throat and I want you to know that your book will be a part of our fertility center hereafter.  Thanks a lot for sharing your life with us.
Raul Durazo, Embryologist