"For years Grupo IVI has counted with Carmen’s collaboration on many activities for patients.  She has always outstood as very professional, humane and a great capacity to empathize with infertility patients. She has given lectures in our clinics in Spain and Mexico obtaining successful attendances.  Counting with Carmen for these infertility events for patients is of great value."

Antonio Requena,
Medial Doctor
Grupo Equipo IVI


"My very dear Carmen, Many many thanks for the lovely painting. I have no words capable of expressing my feelings. This is a wonderful painting and the most wonderful description of my life. You are great, you are a very special person and I wish you  all the very best. I do hope our paths will meet again, so that i will be able to thank you verbally… the picture is in our living room, so that I can see it all the time.

Lots of love, Bruno"

Prof. Bruno Lunenfeld
Discovered how to use hMG in infertile women.





"Thanks to Carmen I saw other options, I understood my problem had a solution and today I am a Mom."

Marisol Arbos
“Vientre y Corazon”
Womb & Heart



"First of all to congratulate you on your book... and for the beautiful paintings... I appreciate your words, from now onwards I believe knowing you has brought much strength to my life… I see things in a different way, before I complained about everything, or was very negative about everything, nowadays, I smile more, and in every situation in which I am, I remember something of your book, I make  comments about it, I see the positive side of everything.. You are a woman full of light... and thank you for teaching me to smile again, you are a great woman, a source of inspiration.  My admiration and respect… Your friend forever, Aida"


Hypnosis & Regression Therapist

Carmen has always had a deeply innate passion for helping others. After having studied in the UK to become a Regression Therapist gives private practice in Mexico City.  She is known for inspiring people and accompanying them through their healing process.

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Lectures - Hire

As an international speaker, Carmen has shared her message around the world. Her unique ability to connect to her audience allows her to speak to the heart of the matter - the universal desire of motherhood. Her unique way of sharing her personal experience and her passion to serve though her paintings of chairs resonates deeply with couples experiencing infertility, and allows them to connect to their own personal emotions, gain insight and strength, and empowers them to make informed decisions. Carmen was the first person in the history of ESHRE to represent Mexico giving a lecture at its 25th Congress in 2009. 6000 doctors attended the ESHERE Congress.

LECTURES Available
- Infertility Emotions expressed through ART - ARTist
- Letting GO: Overcoming Fear
- Infertility & Depression
- He Feels, She Feels – How Couple’s Experience Infertility
- How to connect to your creativity (school children & adults)

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Paintings - Commission

Carmen is available for commissioned works of her painting. After an interview, Carmen has the ability to create amazing and beautiful wall art through symbolism, that will represent an individual, a family or a clinic.  Her paintings can been seen in many homes and fertility clinics around the world, including IVI Madrid, Spain, RMA San Antonio, USA; Rotunda Clinic, Mumbai, India, Endometriosis org, London, UK amongst others. Prof. Bruno Lunenfeld was given, at the 50th Anniversary of first child born with hMG , one of her paintings. Currently, Carmen has limited exhibitions as her commissioned works are in demand.

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Books & CD’s - purchase

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